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Welcome to the ABO-NCLE practice exam testing site.

Before applying for the ABO or NCLE Certification Examination, candidates should strongly consider taking an online practice examination. The ABO practice examination consists of 110 questions and the NCLE practice examination consists of 125 questions that have each been reviewed by ABO & NCLE subject-matter experts. Questions on the practice examination are similar to those used on the actual examination. Each exam will be two hours in length.

Passing a practice exam does not guarantee that you will pass the actual certification exam. It is a tool, being provided by ABO and NCLE, to help you measure your progress in your preparation for the certification exam.

These practice exams have been specifically designed to help you become comfortable with a multiple-choice, timed exam in the same format as an actual ABO and/or NCLE Exam, and provide guidance as to potential areas of focus in preparation for the NOCE and CLRE Examinations. The fee for each practice exam is $45.

To participate in the practice exam:

  • Click on “Register” to create an account;
  • Complete the form and submit. You will be immediately issued your log in credentials. Please make sure the log in credentials for future reference.
  • Once on your Dashboard, open the bar labeled "Publicly available and click on test name you want to take;
  • Payment will be requested. Enter your credit card information and submit.
  • Once the credit card is approved, you will be presented with the exam.
  • If you already have a log in ID beginning with "ABP", click on "Sign in" to enter the testing site.

If you plan on taking the actual NOCE or CLRE certification examination, you will have to register and create a separate account through the ABO & NCLE website.

Upon entering the testing site, you will have agreed to TesTrac’s Credit Card Terms and Conditions. To review TesTrac’s Terms and Conditions click on here and a new window will open.

Loading the TesTrac application, this will only take a moment or two. We appreciate your patience.