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Welcome to TesTrac Online V11 release. This new release builds on the proven technology of TesTrac Online and offers a range of unique features to enhance the testing experience of your candidates. TesTrac Online is delivered in the following languages:

Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, English, and additional languages can easily be added.

To further enhance the candidate"s testing experience, TesTrac can now:
  • Build exams in the language above assuming translated content is provided by the client.
  • Offer either payment by credit card or voucher
  • Offer a dashboard concept allowing the candidate one interface for all activities. Candidates enter the testing site and, on one page, can start exams, get copies of receipts/test results pages and viewed/change their demographic data and PIN number.
Traditional features below have been kept and continue to be a unique set of features that separate TesTrac from other testing drivers.
  • The Self-adjusting clock to ensure a true time-on-test
  • The Restart function that holds time-on-test and allows the candidate to restart right where they left off
For additional information on the unique services, LTD. can provide please call 952-997-0641.

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You will have received an ID and PIN if you have already entered the TesTrac Online system and started and assignment or test. If you do not have this information, please send email to the system attendant with your full name, birthdate, address and daytime phone.
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