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About the Official PTCB Practice Exams

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) has developed a series of online practice exams using the same rigorous processes and standards as the actual Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam™ (PTCE). These practice exams are available for purchase and provide candidates an opportunity to experience question content, formats, and a test structure similar to what candidates experience when sitting for the PTCE. Please keep in mind that the sole function of these practice exams is to provide familiarity with content, format, and structure. Your performance level on the practice exams should not be construed as a reliable indicator of how likely you are to pass the PTCE. PTCB makes no other claims about the benefits of using these practice exams beyond the description provided here.

There are two types of practice exams offered by PTCB, and these two types of practice exams offer candidates different types of practice and feedback. Please read carefully before purchasing.

The Official PTCB General Practice Exam™

Two forms of this practice exam are offered for purchase separately, each with different questions. These practice exams do not provide correct answers at the question level, explanations for question choices, or the ability to review question after the exam is scored. They do provide summary feedback - percentage of questions answered correctly - by the three content domains covered in the PTCE:

  1. Assisting the Pharmacist in Serving Patients,
  2. Maintaining Medication and Inventory Control Systems
  3. Participating in the Administration and Management of Pharmacy Practice

The Official PTCB Calculations and Conversions Practice Exam™ and The Official PTCB Medication Usage and Administration Exam™

These practice exams, which are also sold separately, offer candidates focused practice on specific knowledge/skill areas rather than a sampling of the entire PTCE. These exams do provide correct answers and explanations at the question level, but do not provide summary feedback or the ability to review previously answered questions.

Before Proceeding:

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