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As those in recovery and the helping professions know firsthand, change is inevitable and ongoing. Your decision to pursue certification as a Recovery Professional with the International Certification Board of Recovery Professionals makes a statement for the legitimization of diverse methods of recovery support.

Addiction outcome research continues to support a systemic change in the way treatment is delivered. The ICBRP is answering the call to provide quality, trained recovery support professionals who bring a variety of cultures, backgrounds, experiences, skills, and talents to the clients who will most benefit.

Every single person who has committed their time, talents and resources to the professionalization of recovery support is doing it out of a passion to improve the lives of those in recovery and those who want to pursue recovery. The certification and endorsements offered attempt to quantify the life experience and training you have acquired, but what it cannot measure is your character, passion, and dedication to those who will need your help most. Those are your most valuable assets.

As you work through the application process, it is our hope that you consider the qualitative impact you will have. You are an ambassador for recovery and will soon be an ambassador and an example of a Recovery Professional. This is a unique opportunity to define the next generation of treatment outcome research and we hope you feel empowered knowing you are part of something greater.

We wish you success!

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