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Welcome to the Linguist English Proficiency Test hosted by Operational Solutions, LLC. The purpose of this test is to measure a potential linguists grasp of English language comprehension and use of language, which is critical in determining the very best linguists for our important clients. This test is a pre screening test that will help determine the probability of you passing the full language exam.

The submission of your resume and the successful passing of this test is the first step in what can be an exciting career opportunity in utilizing your language skills in support of the important missions of the United States Government.

The test consists of 65 multiple-choice and reading comprehension questions and you will have 90 minutes to complete the test. To pass the test, you must answer at least 50 of the questions correctly. It is vital that you do as well as you can on this test without any outside assistance. Please do not use a dictionary or other resource material.

If you have any last minute questions about the exam, please contact Maria at Operational Solutions by calling 410-940-9244. Once the exam has begun you are not allowed to consult with anyone else.

Best of luck and we will be letting you know within 48 hours if you have passed the exam.

Best regards,

Nate Bailey
Founder & President
Operational Solutions, LLC

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