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Welcome to the test site for the Certified Paralegal Examination developed by NALA – The Paralegal Association. Since 1976, the Certified Paralegal program has been serving the legal profession. Congratulations on your decision to participate in this important career development program, and to join over 19,000 of your colleagues with the Certified Paralegal credential.

Before you begin, if you have not done so already, please review the Policy Statement. On the sign in page, you will be asked to agree to the Terms & Conditions of the Certifying Board. This includes verifying that you have read and understand the Policy Statement.
Good luck!

NOTE TO PROCTOR: The Skills Exam requires that a printed copy of the essay question be provided to the candidate before beginning the Skills Exam. If the candidate is taking the Skills Exam, and has not already received a printed copy of the essay question, please be sure this is provided before the candidate logs in and starts the examination. The printed copy of the essay must be returned to the proctor at the completion of the examination.

Attention PSI Proctors: If you are having difficulties connecting to TesTrac via the PSI internal system, might I recommend going directly to the test site:

Loading the TesTrac application, this will only take a moment or two. We appreciate your patience.