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The Medical Gas Training Institute (MGTI) is a third party certification agency for the medical gas industry. MGTI offers testing and certification services for personnel involved in all areas of the industry. MGTI strives to improve the industry by offering high quality certification services and maintaining exam content security, while making the testing process as practical as possible. As a third party certifying agency, MGTI is guided by the ASSE 6000 Professional Qualification Standard for Medical Gas Systems Personnel and the ANSI/ISO/IEC Standard 17024 (Bodies Operating Personnel Certification Programs). The organization maintains the highest standards for certification integrity and the exam development and administration process. Our mission is to provide comprehensive certification services efficiently and effectively for the medical gas industry worldwide.

NOTE: A candidate may challenge any questions they feel are innacurate or misleading by going to the Feedback option in the upper toolbar of the Testrac site while taking the exam, and entering a brief description of the problem they find. Candidates may also contact MGTI directly at the conclusion of the exam with any concerns about exam items. This feedback is very helpful for exam maintenance. Please refrain from copying entire questions down, with answers. We only need the first part of the question, along with a description of the problem/concern. Keeping entire questions and answer options secure is an important component of certification exam validity. See MGTI’s Policies and Procedures manual for more information about question challenges and/or exam maintenance.

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