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Welcome to Lawson's certification exam network! The exam that you are about to take has been developed by Lawson experts; people like you! These experts have been working with Lawson products for a number of years, and volunteered their expertise to ensure that our certified people have the working knowledge to be successful in a Lawson environment.

The testing software allows you to thoughtfully think through each of your answers. As you take the exam, mark your answer so that you don't leave any item incomplete (incomplete answers are judged wrong). If you want to come back to that item, mark it for a later review. You can use the time at the end of the session to review those items.

Be sure to ask for your printed score report at the end of the exam session. This score report provides valuable feedback, and can be considered proof that you passed the exam until you receive your certificate (if applicable).

If you already have your ID and PIN you should choose Sign -in.

You will have received an ID and PIN if you have previously entered the system and started an assignment or test.

Note: Please read the terms and conditions in the "Policy Statement", which can be found below under the link "View the Policy Statement". If you accept all of the terms contained in this certification agreement, please indicate this by clicking on "OK" when prompted after entering your Lawson ID and PIN numbers. Select "Cancel" if you do not accept all the terms and conditions set out in the Lawson Policy Statement. If you do not accept the terms of this certification agreement, you will not be permitted to sit for the certification exam. Any payments made either by you or on your behalf will not be refunded if you decide to decline the acceptance of all of the terms and conditions set out in the "Policy Statement."

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