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Welcome to your dashboard!

Take the next step in your career: Become a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.

You'll achieve the highest standard in childbirth education, recognized as a trusted, highly qualified educator by colleagues and parents alike. LCCE certification is internationally recognized as the most respected certification in the field. Earning it proves that you have demonstrated a specialized level of skill and knowledge. Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators (LCCEs) guide women and their families through the extraordinary journey of pregnancy and birth. The best start for mothers and babies includes a safe and healthy pregnancy and birth. Lamaze educators help women achieve this — and help them feel confident about giving birth — by serving as a resource for evidence-based information about what to expect during pregnancy and childbirth. Working collaboratively with women, families and other birth professionals, Lamaze educators help women and babies achieve safe and healthy outcomes.

The Lamaze credential demonstrates to employers, maternal-child health professionals and expectant families that you have specialized knowledge and skill—the LCCE credential is the mark of a competent, highly qualified childbirth educator. Align with Lamaze, a widely recognized mark of quality childbirth education by pregnant women and healthcare providers throughout the world.

From the dashboard you may access the following services:

  • Assigned to me - These are exams that have been specifically assigned to you.
  • Publicly available - These are exams that are available to all candidates. Typically they are practice exams but can also support certification exams.
  • In-progress / incomplete - These are exams that you have started but not completed. It could be due to an interruption with your Internet connection or if you paused your exam. Click on the exam name to restart. For proctored exams, the proctor must release the exam by entering their proctor credentials.
  • History - This allows you to reprint your test results page.
  • Pending surveys - If a survey is a component of your test attempt, you will find your survey here to start.
  • Receipts / Invoices -  You can retrieve a copy of your receipt / invoice by clicking on this link.

How to proceed:

  • Step 1: To access ALL exams (including Part 2 of the Package Exams), one MUST click on the drop down in "Exam Group" above and select the appropriate group definition. Part 2 of the Package exams will be assigned after midnight CST.
  • Step 2: To "Start" an exam, open the bar "Assigned to me" or  "Publicly available" and click on the "Test Name" and "Yes". Your test will now start unless payment and/or proctor release is required.
  • Step 3: If your test requires a proctor release, the proctor release screen will be presented. If your test requires a payment, the credit card payment screen will appear. allowing payment to be made by either credit card or voucher.
  • Step 4: If you pause the exam or get disconnected, your attempt will be waiting to be restarted under the header "In-progress / incomplete" below. You have 48-hours to restart an exam.
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