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IEEE Communications Society is pleased to provide you with the WCET Certification Practice Examination. The IEEE ComSoc WCET Practice Exam has been developed using the same methodology as is used to develop the certification examinations. Questions were developed and reviewed by content experts, and have been validated as being important to practice and useful in differentiating those who meet the minimum qualifications for certification and those who do not. The practice exam questions meet the same exam blueprint specifications as the certification exam. For the practice exam, scores are provided as number of items answered correctly. You will also receive feedback regarding the number of items answered correctly for each of the major areas of expertise. Although the practice exam is an indication of test readiness, it does not have predictive value. Therefore, you should not infer or conclude that your score on the practice examination is a guarantee for success on the actual examination.

You can print your score record. Your score record can also be accessed at a later date by logging back in using your ID number and PIN. It is IEEE ComSoc's policy not to provide answers to the individual questions contained in the practice exam.

There is one version of the Practice exam. The fee for the practice exam is $50.00 US dollars. Once you pay the fee for the practice examination, you may access the exam at any time.

If you are new to this site, and do not have an ID and PIN for the practice exam, click on "Register". If you already have an IEEE ID beginning with "IE" and a 6 digit PIN, you should click on "Sign in" below. You will have an IEEE examination User ID and PIN if you have registered for an IEEE exam in the past. Note, that an IEEE examination User ID is different from the IEEE ComSoc ID number that is assigned to you during the actual IEEE WCET certification examination registration process. If you have forgotten your ID and PIN, please click on the feedback and email the system attendant with your full name, birth date, address and daytime phone number to obtain this information.

Before proceeding with your exam:

Please allow sufficient time to complete the entire examination. If you are purchasing an exam, you may choose the 120-minute-exam to simulate actual certification exam timing, or, you may choose the 180-minute-exam to simulate extended time testing which might be required due to a disability. Each exam must be completed within the allotted time. Please be sure that you have completely reviewed the IEEE ComSoc Policy Statement.

IEEE ComSoc advises that you use computer equipment with printing capability to take this exam. You should print out your ID and PIN numbers, as well as your score report.

You may use your personal calculator to compute any calculations on the practice exam. However, please note that only a simple calculator (not scientific) will be available online for use during the actual examination. The calculator on MS Windows is the only one that will be available for use during the actual certification examination. There is a Glossary of commonly used terminology and formulas available to you during the exam. If you wish to view the Glossary document at any time during the test, click on WCETGlossary.

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