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The HR Certification Institute is pleased to provide you with diagnostic assessments for the PHR (Professional in Human Resources), SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources), GPHR (Global Professional in Human Resources), and CA (California) certification examinations. These exams will assess your strengths and weaknesses in functional areas so that you can better focus your study efforts. At the end of each assessment exam, you will receive feedback on the percentage of total questions answered correctly as well as the percentage of questions answered correctly within each of the four (for CA), five (for GPHR), or six (for PHR/SPHR) functional areas. The assessment exam questions are retired test questions and the passing score represents a similar standard to that of the actual certification examination. Performance on the diagnostic assessment exam provides an indication of test readiness, but does not guarantee a similar result on the certification examination.

HRCI offers two versions of both the PHR and the SPHR exams. This is ideal for candidates who may want to take the first exam to assess their level of preparedness, and follow up with the second assessment exam after completing their exam preparation (a "pre-test" and a "post-test.") You may purchase these exams individually for $45 per exam, or, as a "package" at a discounted rate of $70. (In order to receive this discount, you must purchase both versions of the exam as a package up-front.) If you elect to purchase these exams as a "package," the second test assignment will be made approximately 24-hours after your initial purchase and will be available for 6 months.

There are currently single assessments available for the GPHR and CA exams. The cost is $35, reflecting the shorter length of these exams.

If you already have an HRCI ID beginning with HRC and PIN, you should click on "Sign in". You will have an HRCI Assessment Exam Online User ID and PIN if you have registered for an HRCI assessment exam in the past.

NOTE: The HRCI Assessment Exam Online User ID is different from the 12 digit HRCI ID number that is assigned to you during the actual HRCI certification examination registration process.

If you have forgotten your ID and PIN, please click on feedback and email the System Attendant with your full name, birth date, address and daytime phone to obtain this information. If you are new to this site and do not have an ID and PIN for the assessment exam, click on "Register".

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