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Congratulations on your hard work in studying for certification as a Standby and Guarantee Professional. Now is the time to demonstrate your expertise.

The examination that you are about to take consists of three parts: I. Introduction; II. Multiple Choice; and III. Essay.

The examination is timed and you will need to complete it within the established time frame. You are allowed 10 minutes to read and comply with the instructions. At the end of this period, the examination will begin with Part II, Multiple Choice. There are 20 multiple choice questions and you are allowed 70 minutes to complete this part. During this time, you may move backwards and forwards in the computer program and change your answers until the end of the time period. Part III, the essay examination, consists of three questions and you are allowed 40 minutes for this part.

In answering the questions, you should give careful attention to the instructions and advice given in the Introduction.

In taking the examination, you are allowed to refer to the text of the three practice rules on which the course is based, UCP600, ISP98, and URDG 758. You may use a version of LC Rules & Laws or various booklets or pamphlets in which these rules are printed.

Please note that you will be monitored while taking the examination by a professional monitoring service through the webcam.

Do your best and best wishes from the IIBLP.

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