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Congratulations on your commitment to earning your Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®) credential.

The CMCA Online Practice Exam is offered to provide you with a testing experience comparable to the experience of taking the computer-based CMCA examination. Each of the questions presented on the practice exam has been used on past forms of the CMCA exam. While none of these items is currently included on the examination, the questions are typical of the questions you will experience on the CMCA exam. Questions are drawn from each knowledge area tested on the CMCA exam.

When you have completed the practice exam you will be provided with an overall score and with feedback. You will be allowed two attempts at the practice exam.

You are encouraged to approach the questions on the practice exam as you would approach the questions on the CMCA examination. Read each question carefully to assure that you understand the question; read each possible answer carefully and evaluate each response to determine which answer is the best answer to the question. Like the CMCA exam, the practice examination is timed and you will see a timer on the computer screen. You are encouraged to use all the time allowed to complete the practice exam.

The Online Practice Exam is one resource to help you prepare for the CMCA examination. Remember: you are preparing to take an examination to earn your credential as a professional community association manager. The resources recommended in the CMCA Candidate Handbook and the CMCA Study Guide are invaluable tools in preparing for the examination. You are encouraged to devote the time necessary to prepare for your examination. The reward is a credential which will become the cornerstone of your career in community association management: the CMCA: The Essential Credential. Best of luck!

John H. Ganoe, CAE
Executive Director
Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB)
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