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CFA Institute brings you the latest version of its new tool to help you prepare for the CFA Examination--now with aggregate data that shows purchasers of online sample exams tend to have higher pass rates than those who did not take the online sample exams. Designed by the same people who create the actual CFA Examination, with questions that reflect current thinking in the profession, these online sample exams provide you access to the freshest material possible in your exam preparation.

Key Benefits
  • Immediate feedback
  • Similar format as the actual CFA exams
  • Gauged to CFA exam difficulty level
  • Developed using the same principles & processes as the actual CFA exams
  • Content covering the most current and important trends in the profession
  • Test questions that are refreshed on a continual basis
What to Expect

Sample exams are designed to be used earlier in your study preparations. After each questions you will learn if you answered the question correctly, see the correct answer, and be given clear explanations to help identify any remaining areas of study needed.

What's Different

The live exam you eventually take will differ in some ways. It may, for example, contain a different number of reading passages, and its sections may be in a different order. Also, these sample exams include only multiple choice and item set questions. The essay questions for level III of the CFA exam have been omitted on these tests for ease of grading. In addition, the score you receive will represent a raw percentage of answers correct and will not correlate to specific passing scores.

Technical Details
  • Browser compatibility - The online test site is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari (Mac and Windows versions) .
  • Login information - Candidates may access their login ID online by clicking on the LOOKUP ACCOUNT INFORMATION link, which is found on several pages of this site.
  • For technical support, please contact, Ltd. at +1(952)953-6292 or email to
  • For all other issues, please contact CFA Institute at +(434)951-5499 or (800)247-8132 (toll -free USA and Canada or email to

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