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AMFTRB is pleased to offer online practice assessment exams for the MFT National Exam. The assessment exams were developed using actual test questions from previous exams.

Please noteā€¦

  • The practice exams have been developed by MFT content experts using the same methodology used to develop the actual MFT National exam.
  • Practice exam questions are actual test questions that have appeared on previous exams (but have been removed from the bank of test questions), and are formatted in the same way as the actual exam questions.
  • There are 100 items on the practice exam; on the actual exam there are 200 items. They are divided among the domains in the same way.
  • A passing or failing score on the assessment exam does not guarantee a similar outcome on the actual certification exam.
  • The assessment exam score can be a good indication of your preparedness.
  • The assessment exams have been equated to the same standard of the actual MFT National Exam to provide an indication of your level of preparedness.


Your overall score represents the sum of your scores in each domain area. The minimum passing score for each domain area is calculated by applying the passing percentage required for the overall exam to each domain area. The practice examination is scored immediately so you can use the results in your exam preparation.

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