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Welcome to the ACT Center network.

We are pleased to provide you with a high quality, proctored testing environment. Please alert the ACT Center staff if you experience any problems in the delivery of your examination.

Before Proceeding:

If you have received an ACT candidate ID beginning with "ACT" or have previously entered the ACT testing site, click on "Sign in" below. If you have misplaced your ACT ID and PIN numbers, click on "Lookup account information" below. Enter your last name and birthdate and your ACT ID and PIN numbers will be presented. If you have not received an ACT ID and PIN number, then contact an ACT Center staff member (if you are at the testing center). If you are at home, click on "Provide feedback" in the upper right-hand corner to send an email or call TesTrac at 952-953-6292.

Loading the TesTrac application, this will only take a moment or two. We appreciate your patience.