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NASBITE Intl. is pleased to provide you a practice exam for the CGBP exam. This 75 question exam will assess your strengths and weaknesses in functional areas so that you can better focus your study efforts. At the end of each assessment exam, you will receive a scaled score and a raw score detailing the number of questions answered correctly versus the total at the test and domain levels. The assessment exam questions are retired test questions and the passing score represents a similar standard to that of the actual certification examination. Performance on the diagnostic assessment exam provides an indication of test readiness, but does not guarantee a similar result on the certification examination.

You may purchase these exams individually for $50 per attempt.

If you already have your NASBITE log in ID and PIN you should click on "Sign in". If not, click on "Register" below to create an account. Once you have submitted the form, you will be immediately presented with your NASBITE Site ID and PIN numbers. Please print that page for future reference. If you need technical assistance or have questions, you can contact technical support by clicking on the feedback option in the tool bar above or call 952-953-6292.

NASBITE's Practice Exam Online Terms and Conditions - Before you take any practice exam for the first time, and at any time you re-enter to test you must agree to the following:

CGBP Practice Exam Online Policy Statement:

The CGBP Practice Exam Online has been developed using the same methodology as is used to develop the certification examinations. Questions were developed and reviewed by content experts, and have been validated as being important to practice and useful in differentiating those who meet the minimum qualifications for certification at each level and those who do not. The assessment exam questions meet the same exam blueprint specifications as the certification exam. For the total exam, scores are provided as a percentage of questions answered correctly; for each of the four domains, the percentage answered correctly is also provided. Please understand that you should not infer or conclude that your score on the assessment examination is a guarantee for success on the actual examination.

While the development, validation, and specifications of the assessment exams are the same as for the certification exam, the questions on the practice exam are actual questions that have been retired from the certification exam. Although the passing standard is similar to that on the certification examination, a certain score on the assessment exam does not guarantee the same or similar score on the actual certification examination.

At the end of the examination, you will receive a total score and a score for each of 4 functional areas. This will be useful in helping to focus further study. You can print this score report. Your score record can also be accessed at a later date by logging back in using your ID number and PIN. It is NASBTE Intl.'s policy not to provide answers to the individual questions contained in these practice exams. Candidates receive feedback by functional area performance only. The score on the functional area provides a better indication of knowledge of the content of that functional area than does information on a question level.

You will be asked to agree to NASBITE Intl.'s Practice Exam Online Terms and Conditions before you take any practice exam for the first time, and at any time you re-enter to test. You must agree to the following:

Practice Exam Online Terms and I agree that:

This assessment exam and any future assessment exams I take at this site are the exclusive property of NASBITE International.

These assessment exams and all items contained herein are protected by federal copyright law. No part of this examination may be copied, reproduced, or shared in any manner, in part or in whole, by any means whatsoever, including memorization or electronic transmission.

Finally, I acknowledge that success on the assessment examination does not guarantee success on the actual certification exam. Violation of this honor pledge will result in immediate removal from the NASBITE Intl. Practice Exam Online Program and may result in NASBITE Intl. enforcing its legal rights to the fullest extent. If you agree to this pledge, please place a check mark in the box on the log in page.

Abuse of this site will not be tolerated. Should information concerning abuse come to NASBITE Intl.'s attention, the candidate's ID number and PIN will be terminated, and NASBITE Intl. may take further disciplinary action.

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