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Welcome to the Proctor360 Exam Demonstration Site For TesTrac!

Proctor360 provides an End-to-End solution for proctoring online exams with complete security that is fully integrated with the TesTrac platform. Most providers only do remote proctoring one way. Proctor360 is different. Our platform supports multiple types of proctoring so that you can configure EVERY exam with security level and options most appropriate for the test.

Choose from multiple proctoring options for your TesTrac exams:

  • 360 Total View™:
    For true "Test Center Grade" security, Proctor360 has developed the 360 Total View™ headset (patent pending). This lightweight ,proprietary device incorporates a 360-degree camera that captures a complete view of the test candidate's environment during their proctored session.
  • Multi-cam Live:
    See more of the remote testing environment by capturing views from the webcam, screen activity, AND the candidate's cell phone-- positioned to see whatever you need in real time. This provides more security not only because it sees MORE of the testing environment, but it also renders the candidate’s cell phone unusable for any attempted misconduct during the session.
  • Single Webcam Live:
    Proctor360’s single camera remote proctoring software captures the front webcam view of a test-taker, as well as the entire screen of a test-taker’s computer.
  • AI Auto Proctoring:
    Artificial intelligence offers an affordable and convenient way to monitor candidates during online exam sessions. Our AI Auto Proctoring service detects common behaviors in real time during the exam session and logs them for each test taker. At no time is the candidate interrupted, and all session incidents are fully reviewable from a web-based dashboard to determine accuracy.
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