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Welcome to the PRA Online Testing Site. For a full list of the certifications available from PRA, please visit our main web site:

If you already have your TesTrac ID and PIN scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Sign in.

Attention Examity Proctors:

  • There will be cases where a candidate will be required to make payment by voucher. In this scenario the payment page will appear and they will:
    • Change the default from credit card to voucher only
    • Enters voucher number along with the proctor entering their proctor credentials to release exam.
    • Then click on "Release and Purchase: and the first question will appear.
    • If voucher has been entered incorrectly, allow the candidate to try again. If tat fails please call - 9529997-0641.
Loading the TesTrac application, this will only take a moment or two. We appreciate your patience.