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Congratulations, on your quest to earn your NAHMA certification. By earning your NAHMA certification, you will demonstrate your expertise, experience and professionalism in the affordable housing industry.

Note to Students taking the CPO Exam: Please, have your rent computation worksheet on hand to assist you in answering the case study questions on Part 2 of the exam. If you do not have your worksheet available, you may click here to print. Click here to print..

If this is your first NAHMA online exam you will need to click on "Register" to complete the registration process. You will be presented with your log in credentials. If you have previously registered and do not have your log in credentials please contact TesTrac: email or call 952-953-6292. Assuming you are a new candidate and not registered, please, start by clicking on the “Register”. You will first need to register as a candidate and then you will be asked to sign in using the credentials that will be automatically generated for you. If you have previously, taken a NAHMA exam through this online format-and have user ID/password information, please begin by clicking on the “Sign In” button. If you do not remember, your log on credentials- click on the “Recover password via email” button.

Once you signed in you will be asked to read, and accept the terms of the NAHMA Honor code agreement. This is a required step in order to begin the exam.

This exam is non-proctored, and is open book. You will be able to use your book, notes, and calculator for the following NAHMA exams, CPO, BCD, and FHC.

Thank you for supporting NAHMA’s Education & Training programs!

Best of Luck!

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