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The Loss Prevention Foundation is a world leader in educating and certifying loss prevention professionals. With over 300 industry professionals participating in the development and maintenance of our education programs and with a Board of Directors comprised of top level retail LP executives; LPF has become the pre-eminent loss prevention education organization for your personal LP career advancement initiatives and your corporate LP education programs.

These exams were developed by The Loss Prevention Foundation and its committees comprised of loss prevention professionals, subject matter experts, professors and credentialing experts from Knapp & Associates International. The LPQ exam is composed of 100 questions and a 2 hour time limit. The LPC is composed of 200 questions and a 3 hour time limit. Questions are multiple choice, vary in degree of difficulty and focus on these subject matter areas:

On behalf of the Loss Prevention Foundation’s Board of Directors, thank you for taking the LPQualified or LPCertified certification exam. Regardless of the outcome, you should be proud of your attempt and pursuit of your ongoing professional growth and personal development.

Certification Application and Examination Information

Before scheduling an exam, you must do the following:

Ensure you meet the minimum qualifications to sit for the exam.
To obtain/pay for the LPQ or LPC exam voucher(s).

  1. Ensure you have a valid profile with
  2. Login to your profile
  3. Go to the LPF Online Store and purchase your exam voucher

  4.       a. Note: If your organization prepaid for your exam, please complete your Exam Qualification Form to obtain your exam voucher.
  5. Once you have your exam voucher, you can come back to this site to register and schedule your web based proctored exam.
Download and read carefully, all of the following that apply to your exam:

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