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The IBSC created these practice tests to provide the candidate with an opportunity to review examples of item format, style, and environment. These questions have been formatted following the same practices used to develop the live exam items, providing the candidate a real-time feel for their board certification examination.

Practice tests are optional and not a pre-requisite to register for the IBSC Board certification exam. It is important to note – a passing or failing score on this practice test DOES NOT guarantee a similar outcome on your actual board certification examination.

If you have a log in ID beginning with "BSC" and a 6-digit password, click on "Sign in". If not, click on "Register" to create an account. Please do not create duplicate accounts. If you have misplaced your log in credentials or need technical support, please contact TesTrac at or +1 (952) 953-6292.

For all other concerns, please contact the IBSC at or +1 (770) 978-4400.

Please note - all pracrtice exam fees are non-refundable.

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