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The International Association of Interviewers (IAI) fills a unique niche for the interview and interrogation community which, until now, lacked a professional organization to support and represent its distinct needs.

The creators of the Certified Forensic Interviewer designation (CFI) recognized the need for ongoing education and collaboration among individuals whose job responsibilities include interviewing, interrogation and investigations. In June of 2012, IAI was created to become a knowledge and skills development resource for its members including law enforcement, loss prevention, risk management, audit, government agencies, insurance companies, banking, military, students and human resources. A solution provider membership category has also been created.

Through the Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI) designation, all members gain the ability to raise their level of expertise while connecting with the robust experience of CFI-certified thought leaders. However, a CFI designation is not required for IAI membership.

Applicant must have two to four years in a public or private position responsible for investigation, interviewing and interrogation. In addition, one of the four following criteria must be met:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher plus two years of experience as stated above
  • Associates degree plus three years of experience as stated above
  • High school diploma or GED plus four years of experience as stated above
  • Minimum two years’ experience as a full-time faculty member at an accredited educational institution teaching interview and interrogation techniques—Experience as a full-time faculty member at an accredited educational institution, teaching interview and interrogation techniques shall meet one of the three previous education/experience requirements listed

Other eligibility criteria:

  • A person convicted of a felony, any crime of moral turpitude or misdemeanor relating to honesty, theft, embezzlement, fraud or the like shall be ineligible to become a CFI.
  • The applicant must provide a copy of certified transcript of education ONLY if using college degree rather than experience to qualify.
  • The applicant must successfully pass the prescribed background check, which may include a criminal background check, and examination process.
  • Falsification or omission of information on the application form will be reason to disqualify an applicant from becoming or remaining a Certified Forensic Interviewer.

Please read all of the following carefully before applying to take the CFI exam:

CFI Code of Ethics
CFI Study Options
4 Steps to Obtain Your CFI
IAI Advisory Board
CFI Recertification Requirements

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